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Substance Use Disorders

Step 1:  Assessment;  

Step 2:  Create your personalized treatment plan;  

Step 3:  Begin your recovery journey


Ask yourself, what treatment type fits you? Tri-County offers MANY solutions to fit individual needs. Services are available at all of our office locations. Tri- County has immediate access to services, meaning there is no waitlist. So when you're ready, we are too.     


Individualized Treatment:

Weekly one-on-one counseling sessions

Group Treatment:

Tri-County offers Seeking Safety Groups, an evidence-based group that addresses substance use and trauma history, in many of our locations.

Co-Occurring Disorders:

Services are available for chemically dependent clients who struggle with other mental health challenges.

Affected Other/ Co-Dependency Treatment:

Services are available for those whose lives are affected by the drug or alcohol use of a loved one. Other/ co-dependency treatment is individual treatment to help people deal with feelings around a loved one’s substance use.

DEEP Treatment:

Tri-County is a certified provider of DEEP services. The Driver Education and Evaluation Programs (DEEP) are the Legislatively mandated Operating Under the Influence (OUI) countermeasures programs in the state of Maine. The goal of the programs is to lessen the incidence of injury, disability and fatality that results from alcohol and other drug related motor vehicle crashes, and to reduce the risk of re-offense for OUI.

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