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Multisystemic Therapy Services


What are parents saying about MST?

"She didn’t walk in and “take over,” she taught us what she now says we already knew; we just needed a guide. Well, guide she did. Her tireless, unwavering support has brought us back our son. Danny has been clean for five months now and counting. Thankfully, and with the tools she taught us all, I can honestly say I do believe we will be able to handle him if he backslides."

“She's never negative and never seems annoyed, even when I think she should be, like when my daughter is disrespectful to her or I talk too much! She handles our family well. I feel very comfortable and safe talking to her freely. She allows me to say what I need to say. No matter what moods any of us are in, she is ready to rock and roll.”

Abby's Mom

Quality Care you can Count on to Keep your Family Moving Forward Together

What is MST?

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family and community-based treatment lasting up to 5 months. Involving all aspects of an adolescent’s life (ages 12-17), it acknowledges that individuals are surrounded by a network of connected systems, each of which has an impact on who we are. MST participants are at risk for being removed from their homes. The services are often a family’s best hope for staying together. Clinicians meet with youths and families in their homes, at school, and in the community. MST’s effectiveness is grounded in the engagement of parents and caretakers.

Does MST really work?

More than 85% of MST participants remain in their homes, free from arrest and police involvement; 80% return to school or work. During its more than 30 years of practice, MST has produced positive results in the face of significant challenges and failed attempts at solutions.

Danny’s Mom


Problem Sexual Behaviors

MST-PSB is available to juvenile offenders (ages 10-17.5) who engage in problem sexual behavior, such as: sexual assault, molestation of younger children, exposure, and voyeurism.

William James

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

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